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    Paper Patchwork Heart Scrapbook Embellishment

    Today I’m going to show you how I made this adorable heart embellishment out of scrapbook paper.  It’s a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day cards or scrapbooking layouts, but you could use it any time of year.  Hearts are so versatile! The approximate size of the embellishment will be 6 inches wide by 5.5 tall, depending on how much you space out your pieces. Use a paper cutter to cut out two different patterned (but colour-coordinating) strips from a 12×12″ piece of paper, three quarters of an inch wide each. Cut down those strips into three quarter inch squares. You’ll need 10 squares total out of each print to…

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    Pillow Pals Spoonflower Cut & Sew Project Sewing Demonstration

    Earlier this week, I posted a video on the Craftcore YouTube channel demonstrating how easy it is to make cut-and-sew projects from fat quarters purchased from Spoonflower. So fast! So easy! You can order the cut & sew fabric that I used for this project from Julien & Emily on Spoonflower – the specific design is Red Fox but there are many great designs to choose from in their shop. When you order one of the Pillow Pals project fat quarters, the fabric features the pieces you’ll need to make one pillow pal, plus a few mini pals too. Watch how easy it is to put together a cut-and-sew project in…

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    Gift Idea – How to Make a 3D Pocket for a Box of Candy in a Greeting Card

    If you want to give a friend or loved-one a candy bar for a job well done, this card craft is for you. I’m going to show you how to create a card with a 3D pocket.  You can tuck a box of candy or a chocolate bar inside. I was inspired by a box of Nestle Smarties, one of my favourite Canadian chocolate candy-coated treats.  I came up with the sentiment “Good Luck Smartie Pants!” for the front of my card and “You’ve Got This!” for the inside.  This would make a great card for someone heading back to school or starting a new job. Of course, you can do…

  • How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Feet
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    How to Identify Simanco Singer Sewing Machine Feet

    So you’ve just picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and you’re lucky enough to have all or some of the original attachments that came with the machine. But wait. What are all these things? If you are a new sewer, some of these won’t be familiar. How can you determine what they are? If the machine is Singer and if the attachments are authentic, they will have a Simanco part number on them. How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Attachments Video: After you find the number, visit the Accessory Part Numbers page on the Singer Sewing Info site. Match up the Simanco number from your…

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    The Microwave Incident – Microwave Apple Crisp

    Right before the microwave incident occurred, I joked with my husband that what I was about to do was going to kill our poor old microwave.  I really didn’t believe what I was going to do was going to hurt it, honest. Honest! I had a ton of apples on hand that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat before they went bad.  I had purchased a giant pack of “imperfect” apples that were in various states of freshness and quality.  It was a warm night and I didn’t want to heat up my oven, so I turned to my microwave as a keep-cool option.  Who knew that microwaving…

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    How to Sew Bar Stool Slipcovers Tutorial

    To fulfill my dream of renovating my kitchen on a budget, I tried my hand at making custom slipcovers for my new-to-me bar stools for the breakfast bar we are creating.  I didn’t buy a pattern to  make these.  Instead, I used my handy measuring tape and dove right in and figured things out as I went along. Each chair took approximately 2 infant nap times to cut out, sew, and staple – nap times are how I count time in my life now, apparently.  Overall, I’m pleased with the results and am happy to share my process with you.  This tutorial will show you how to recover a bar stool that has a…

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    How Much Fabric Do I Need To Buy for Cutting Out Rectangles?

    I’m trying something new on the blog.  I get a lot of questions from readers that I answer privately, but they are often very similar to each other.  I’m going to start answering questions that are not private in nature publicly on the blog so that everyone can learn from the answers.  Let’s share the wealth! Have a question?  Come ask me over on my contact page. Today’s question comes from DJ: HELP!!!! how much fabric would I need for 20 squares that measure 15″ x 16 1/2″? THANK YOU How Much Fabric Do I Need to Buy to Cut These Rectangles? The way I calculate this is very similar to the…

  • How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug - Tutorial by Craftcore
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    How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug Quilting Tutorial

    In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to make this super cute heart mug rug. I’ve made mine in red, white and pinks, giving off a major Valentine’s Day vibe, but you could easily swap up the colours for a totally different look all year round. You can watch my video tutorial or read the transcript below.  I’ve included a few photos for reference but the main tutorial is on the video portion of this posting. How to Sew a Heart Mug Rug – Video Tutorial: This is a great project to use up fabric scraps. You’ll need three fabric prints in total: one dark for the background and…

  • How to Make a 3D Folded Frame Embellishment Greeting Card Tutorial
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    VIDEO: How to Make a 3D Folded Frame Embellishment Greeting Card Tutorial

    Today I’m going to show you how to make this really simple embellishment frame out of folded card stock. It looks great on the front of a card, but you could apply this to other scrapbook projects for a three dimensional element. It really makes your focal sticker POP with minimal effort! This video features a Christmas card as an example, but you could do something similar for any holiday or event. Are you ready to get started?

  • Valentine's Day Cookies by Craftcore
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    Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is next week, so in preparation, I’ve been decorating some Valentine’s Day cookies with various types of icing. I’m no expert cookie decorator, but I enjoy trying.  I watch people who are amazingly talented on YouTube ice cookies, but my experience attempting to recreate those is limited. Here are the results of my baking for Valentine’s Day this year.  I think when you look at them with a sweeping glance they look quite cute!  If you look closely, you’ll see my shaky piping (LOL).  So ignore that! Here are the iced Valentine’s Day cookies: Now my intention when sharing this blog post is not to portray myself as…

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    Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie Bites Recipe

    I had some leftover shortening left over from another recipe that I needed to use up, so I changed up some ingredients in another recipe to create these yummy cookie bites.  The cinnamon flavour mixes so well with the apples and oats.  These ingredients combine to form a collection of crumbly but delicious cookie bites!  I hope that you enjoy these as much as my husband and I do. Yields: approximately 4 dozen cookies. Ingredients 1/2 cup vegetable shortening 1 1/3 cup packed brown sugar 1 egg 2 cups whole wheat flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 1 cup quick…

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    Use an Existing Bib to Sew a New Bib Sewing Tutorial

    My son just turned four months old and he is definitely starting the teething stage.  With teething, bibs definitely save a lot of laundry with all that gooey baby drool dripping everywhere.  I’m slowly increasing my bib stash by sewing up my own bibs using existing bibs as a pattern.  This sewing tutorial will teach you how to make a pattern from an existing baby bib to sew a new one.  Two trim options are outlined: contrasting bias binding or self-facing. All you need for this tutorial is an existing bib that you love, some fabric, and some kind of fastener (snaps, velcro, etc). Before You Start the Bib, Decide the…

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    VIDEO: How to Make an Origami Box Out of Scrapbook Paper

    These boxes are awesome! I’ve been making them for years to organize my craft room and to store gifts for friends. They are cost-effective too, only using two sheets of 12″ by 12″ scrapbook paper to make. You can, of course, use smaller or larger paper, just note that you’ll want to cut the same 1/4″ strips off the sides of your paper regardless of what size sheets you start with. Would you prefer step-by-step written instructions? You can find those instructions in my original post: How to Make an Origami Box Out of Scrapbook Paper. With the wide variety of scrapbook papers available on the market, the sky is…

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    Candy Cane Cookies and Chocolate Snow-Top Cookies

    One of my favourite aspects of Christmas time is partaking in holiday cookies. I love to bake cookies for my friends and coworkers. This year I’m participating in a virtual cookie exchange with a few other craft bloggers, and for the exchange, I’ll be sharing not one, but two cookie recipes! These cookies are both delicious and pretty to present on a plate to your cookie exchange recipients. One recipe is for Candy Cane Cookies, and the other is for Chocolate Snow-Top Cookies. The candy cane cookies are more labour intensive but are very fun to make.  The snowy cookies require some resting time for your dough, the perfect amount of…

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    VIDEO: How to Make a Repeating Pattern for Spoonflower

    This video tutorial will teach you how to create a seamless repeating pattern with Photoshop, using a scanned doodle as a base for your creation.  You can then use this repeating pattern to create custom fabric using a fabric site like Spoonflower.  Other ideas of how you could use your repeating pattern include using it as desktop wallpaper or printing it out on card stock as custom scrapbooking paper.  So many possibilities! If you’d prefer to read written instructions rather than watch a video, view the original article How to Make a Repeating Pattern for Spoonflower. This is the first of many videos I’ll be creating for my new YouTube channel for my…

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    What Tools Do You Need to Start Quilting?

    Quilting is one of my all time favourite crafty activities.  I’m always trying to get my friends started on quilting (with a few successful recruits, hooray!). What do you need to get started quilting? You don’t really need much to get started. People have been quilting long before fancy sewing machines have existed.  You can cut patches out of fabric with a standard pair of scissors, and sew together by hand with a needle and thread.  So the bare-bones list would be: fabric, scissors, needle, thread, and batting. But I’ll be honest: I hate hand sewing, and cutting out fabric patches with scissors would drive me crazy because it is…

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    How to Save Money on Craft Supplies

    A popular crafting myth is that you can always save money by making your own home decor items. While this can be true in some cases, I know that most quilts I make are going to be more expensive than any mass-produced quilt I can find at a store. Not only do some crafters not take their own time into consideration (we are all valuable and skilled!), but in some cases, the supplies themselves can be more than the cost of buying a ready-made item. The key is to keep your craft supply cost down to a reasonable level. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I love to…