• Singer Futura CE-200 - AUTOPUNCH Feature
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    How to Use the Autopunch Feature on the Singer Quantum Futura Embroidery Machine, CE-200

    I’ve wanted an embroidery machine for years, but the cost of these fantastic machines had always prevented me from taking the plunge.  That’s why when I saw this Singer Quantum Futura Embroidery machine pop up for auction on a local buy and sell group on Facebook with a starting bid of $150 back in October, I knew I wanted to get in on it. I heard that this was a good beginner machine, but the reviews were mixed online. This was the listing photo that pulled me in:   After the 24 hour auction with $1 increments was over, I won the bid at a whopping $152. Whoohoo! Getting the machine…

  • How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Feet
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    How to Identify Simanco Singer Sewing Machine Feet

    So you’ve just picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and you’re lucky enough to have all or some of the original attachments that came with the machine. But wait. What are all these things? If you are a new sewer, some of these won’t be familiar. How can you determine what they are? If the machine is Singer and if the attachments are authentic, they will have a Simanco part number on them. How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Attachments Video: After you find the number, visit the Accessory Part Numbers page on the Singer Sewing Info site. Match up the Simanco number from your…

  • Singer Tiny Serger - TS-380 Plus
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    Singer Tiny Serger TS-380 Plus Video Demonstration

    I spotted this Singer Tiny Serger in the display window of my local Value Village thrift store. It was tagged at what I feel was an unrealistic price for this plastic machine, $129.99. I watched the machine as it slowly came down in price over a few months, and I eventually scored it for just $29.99.  Good things come to those who wait! Singer Tiny Serger TS-380 Plus Video Review My Notes About the Tiny Serger The Tiny Serger works for what it is, but if you are doing a serious amount of sewing, I would recommend skipping this and purchasing a full-size serger. Why, you ask? The machine is…

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    Sewing Machine Showcase – Singer 237

    I picked up the Singer 237, a gem of a basic sewing machine, while travelling to pick up my Singer Featherweight machine for my wedding anniversary.  While shopping for the Featherweight, I found this machine with its dirty case looking sad and lonely.  It was labeled with a sticker that simply said “not working, $9.99.”  I had a 30% off coupon so I figured I would take a chance on this machine and take it home with me; if worse came to worst, I could always donate it back to another thrift store locally to give someone else a shot. When I plugged in the machine, it actually did work but the tension was…

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    Sewing Machine Showcase – Singer 301

    My Singer 301 sewing machine has become my favourite sewing machine for piecing quilts.  It’s one that I would recommend to any quilter looking for a solid straight stitch machine. I never really sought out the Singer 301 – it wasn’t on my list of must-haves.  I had read great things about the machine, but I didn’t think that I actually needed to seek it out because I had machines that could do the same things that the 301 could.  So why did I add this machine to my collection? The Back Story of My Singer 301 I wrote a post recently about my two Singer Featherweight machines.  My first Featherweight was missing…

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    Sewing Machine Showcase – Singer 99

    Last year while thrifting I picked up this vintage sewing machine with case. I was instantly drawn in by the case, which had this beautiful Singer handle and a two-colour design in beige and brown. I couldn’t resist bringing this machine home with me. The Singer 99K is the 3/4 size version of the Singer 66K that I already have in my collection.  I love having both of these machines because the 99 is like the little sister of the 66.  My 66 is in a cabinet while the 99 is fairly lightweight in comparison and is portable.  The base serves as both the base of the sewing machine and the…

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    Birthday and Anniversary Singer Featherweight Vintage Sewing Machine

    I may have a little problem when it comes to collecting vintage sewing machines.  I just love their charm and utility, and I love both displaying them and using them whenever I can.  One of my favourites is the Singer 221, the Featherweight, and this is one model that I always wanted to add to my collection after seeing collectors online posting their photographs.  I needed the adorable lightweight machine to be mine. I told my husband about the machine and showed him pictures of what it looked like and what the case looks like.  We go thrift shopping often, hunting for this and other beautiful or interesting vintage sewing machines. I may have…