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    How to Evenly Space Decals to Make a Polka Dot Wall

    Today I’ll show you how to use a template to evenly space decals into a polka dot grid pattern. Watch This Tutorial: For this project, you’ll need: Vinyl Cutting Machine like the Cricut Maker a removable vinyl like Oracal 631. Transfer tape Cardboard for making a template Plastic Scraper or a credit card Pencil Scissors You can use a Cricut, Silhouette, or similar vinyl cutting tool to cut out your decals, or you can buy premade ones.  The amount of decals you’ll need depends on the width and height of the wall area you want to decorate, plus how much distance you’d like between your decals. I estimated I’d need…

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    Pink and Brown Polka Dot Quilt

    This quilt was my first ever that I made when I was around 18 years old. Actually, it may not be exactly accurate to call this “my” first quilt because I needed so much hand holding for this project.  I remember crying to my mom because it wasn’t coming together nicely for me. I was overwhelmed with the twin size project as a relatively new sewer. She ended up quilting the bulk of it and doing the entire hand binding (thanks mom!). I didn’t try to quilt again for many years, remembering the frustration!  It makes me laugh to think of this now because I’m so passionate about quilting compared to other crafts now.…