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    1950s Pass-Through Kitchen Renovation Project

    Welcome to my kitchen renovation!  My kitchen is original to the 1950s bungalow, meaning that structurally the cabinets are pretty sturdy but they are bulkier in appearance than most modern kitchens.  The previous owners we purchased the home from had painted the wooden cabinets white – I’m thankful for that being done already.  The kitchen footprint is pretty small so the white gives the illusion of the space being bigger than it is. My kitchen has a fairly small U-shaped layout.  When there are two cooks in the kitchen, we are always bumping into each other.  Here are a few photos of what the kitchen looks like right now to give…

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    Painting Laminate Furniture: No Sanding Required

    I received this desk with fantastic bones from my friend Lea who was paring back her space.  Isn’t the shape of the desk great?  I love that it has two rollers; one is a full desk drawer with lots of dividers to keep everything neat and tidy, and one  is a roll-away tray, probably meant for a computer keyboard.  I love using a keyboard tray for scrapbooking. You can start work on a page, have lots of mess on your work surface, then simply push in the tray to keep your workspace tidy yet be ready to roll it out at a moment’s notice to get right back to it. While I loved the shape of…

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    DIY Shoe Hangers

    I always have a hard time organizing shoes so when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest I had to try it out. This originally comes from OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES blog  What you’ll need is a hanger, wire cutters, and plyers. The rest is pretty order tramadol online now simple, simply follow the pictures.         And thats it! Super easy and will be a nice storage for my shoes when winter comes. Here is the finished hanger (I realized I hung my shoes opposite after I posted this haha):