• How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Feet
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    How to Identify Simanco Singer Sewing Machine Feet

    So you’ve just picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift store, and you’re lucky enough to have all or some of the original attachments that came with the machine. But wait. What are all these things? If you are a new sewer, some of these won’t be familiar. How can you determine what they are? If the machine is Singer and if the attachments are authentic, they will have a Simanco part number on them. How to Identify Simanco Sewing Machine Attachments Video: After you find the number, visit the Accessory Part Numbers page on the Singer Sewing Info site. Match up the Simanco number from your…

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    Singer 66 Sewing Machine Reveal

    I’m the proud owner of a new-to-me Singer Model 66 sewing machine! I’ve been dreaming of a machine that had a larger bed on it because my Kenmore only has 6 inches of room under the arm from the needle to the base of the arm. It gets rather crowded when you are quilting a larger project. As much as I’d love a mid-arm machine (or if I’m dreaming big, a long-arm, haha), my budget doesn’t even accommodate a low-end model. Enter Kijiji, which I’ve been stalking for a while hoping a quilting machine would just happen to pop up at a miraculous price after reading through all the quilting machine…