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Zipper Flowers

As a seamstress I always have zippers laying around. This project is great for any odd zippers you might have.

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What you’ll need:

  • Zipper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair clip, headband or whatever you want to attach the flower to

1. Cut the ends off of the zipper.

2. Roll the edge in slightly and glue it together. This will be the middle of your flower.

3.  Continue to roll the zipper around the middle and make the middle of the flower as large as you want.

4. Start to make larger rolls by folding the zipper and glueing the corner as seen in the picture.

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5. After the corner is glued continue to roll around the middle more loosely, glueing the edge to the bottom of the zipper. This will develop the petals.

6. Continue to wrap the zipper around itself folding underneath the flower to make larger petals.

7. Play with the zipper a little bit to make sure you get the petals right before tacking it together. I played with this flower a little bit before getting it the way I wanted.

8. After playing with it a bit I finally got the flower the way I wanted and glued it together.

9. Now that the flower is completed you can add it to a headband, hair clip, or even as a brooch. Here I’ll be attaching mine to a hair clip.

And here is the finished clip!

Now its time to wear your piece!

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