Submission Process

Craftcore thrives from the contributions from its members. We hope that you will consider submitting an article to share with the community. Don’t be scared; it’s easy to contribute!

Who Can Submit Articles?

Any registered member on Craftcore can submit articles to share on the site. If you are a regular member (default registration), your articles will be held for review by an editor. If you are a columnist, your articles will display right away.

Previously, we had open registration, but we were flooded with spam users peddling fake articles.  Send us an email via the contact page so we can add you as a user of the site.  Send us the topic you want to write about and a short blurb so we can see your writing style.  If we like your style, we’ll register you on the site as soon as we can.

How to Create An Article

To create an article on Craftcore, head to the Our Bloggers page and choose Create New Article. This will take you to the Craftcore Writing Centre where you can type up your article and add media (images). The editor is very easy to use. If you need more detailed help, please check out the FAQ.

After submitting an article, a Craftcore editor will look over your submission to ensure that it follows the rules and matches our style guide. Your article should also follow the guidelines outlined on this page.

If necessary, an editor will do a light copy-edit to remove typos, but please: check over your writing before submitting so that your article can be posted as promptly as possible. We make sure that you have chosen a title, selected a category, tagged your article accurately, and chosen a featured image for your piece.

Every article must have at least one quality, relevant image. If the image is not created by you, it must be credited properly.

If the article does not meet our guidelines, we will send you a message advising you what you can change to meet them. If your article meets our guidelines, we will approve your article and it will go live on the site. Hooray!

Article Tips and Guidelines

You can use the formatting toolbar to add bold and italic style to your text, add links or pictures, set up block quotes, and more. By default, the formatting bar is only one row. Click the right-most icon on the formatting bar (it will say View/Hide Kitchen Sink – Shift+Alt+Z) to unlock the second bar with more options.

  1. Your first paragraph should be an introduction. This blurb will be displayed alongside your thumbnail on article listings, so get to the point quickly so readers know what they will be learning and how they will accomplish it.
  2. Please list supplies or ingredients near the beginning of the article so readers know if they have everything they will need from the get-go. Format the supplies/ingredients list inside a block quote (highlight the text and hit the quotes icon from the formatting bar of the visual editor, or the b-quote button of the HTML editor).
  3. If you are writing a series of steps as in a tutorial or recipe, please use an ordered list (1,2,3 icon on the visual editor, OL button on the HTML editor). Numbers will be added automatically.
  4. Break up longer articles into chunks by using headers. On the second row of the visual editor’s formatting bar, the Format drop-down menu contains different header styles. Please use the Header 2 format style for your headings and the Header 3 style for subheadings. In HTML mode, use <h2>Heading Text</h2> and <h3>Heading Text</h3>. Please do not use Heading 1 size as this is already used for your article title’s weight.

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