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    What’s in That Fabric Stash?

    I’m guilty of not always remembering what fabrics I have in my collection. It’s wasteful, I know, to come home from the fabric store with an armful of white flannelette when I have almost a meter of it sitting on the top shelf of the craft room closet. If this is you too, it may just be the time to pull out the contents of your fabric stash and take stock of what you have. If you’ve read this Taming Craft Room Chaos column before, you may have seen my craft supply closet tour. I use clear plastic bins to organize the bulk of my fabrics, and while originally I…

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    How to Make a Cardstock Envelope

    I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect envelope template to make cardstock envelopes for my wedding, but I hadn’t been able to find the perfect shape. While adventuring on Pinterest, I discovered the Craftastic Envelope DIY project by Never Homemaker. This blog inspired me to look at the envelopes from cards I’ve received and use them as a template to recreate their adorable shapes. I made my envelope in a moss green solid cardstock, but I can’t wait to make this envelope shape on a patterned cardstock for optimum sweetness!

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    Clear Storage Unit Makeover Tutorial

    I love the storage possibilities of those clear plastic storage bins. However, as useful as seeing what’s inside a drawer can be, sometimes the mess is just too unsightly to look at every day. Why not create some paper covers that line the front of the drawer? I’ve got a pink, green, and brown theme going on in this space, so I continued that motif over with my paper choices. Supplies cardstock scrapbook paper, one patterned design and one plain (one sheet of patterned will do two drawers) paper cutter or scissors double-sided tape I used Gracious Living drawer units that have 13″x7″ drawer fronts, but you can adapt this…