• This tutorial will show you how to make a quick gift box out of two sheets of scrapbook paper.  The thicker the cardstock, the sturdier it will be.   The finished box measures 3″ x 3.25″ x […]

  • I recently shared my craft room reveal, but I didn’t go into much detail regarding my fabric storage solution.

    I’m currently using a pair of inexpensive particle board bookcases I purchased online for $24.97 […]

  • ThumbnailWhen I learned about chain piecing, my quilting life changed for the better. I had already made several quilts without chain piecing when my mother asked if I was using this method. I had no idea this was a thing! […]

  • ThumbnailTwo building blocks of quilt patterns are the HST unit and the QST unit: the half square triangle and the quarter square triangle.  Once you have this skill in your arsenal, the world of quilting opens […]

  • ThumbnailOne of my favourite things about school as a kid was getting to pack up all my pencils and school supplies into a pretty new pencil case at the beginning of the year.  Even as an adult, there is nothing like new […]

  • ThumbnailIn 2014, I took up running as a hobby and exercise source.  My lifestyle is pretty sedentary, with a desk job 9-5 and crafting and reading most evenings.  I moved from being unable to run for more than 30 seconds […]

  • ThumbnailI’ve been working on one particular quilt for just over a year ago now – a brightly coloured 80″x80″ quilt with “Monkey Wrench” quilt pattern blocks in bright blue, orange, green and pink.  I keep getting […]

  • ThumbnailI love my cats, so I’ve made a few crafty items featuring cat silhouettes.  Call me a crazy cat lady, it’s alright.  As I’m typing this, I have the cat featured in the first craft resting in my lap in such a way […]

  • ThumbnailI received this desk with fantastic bones from my friend Lea who was paring back her space.  Isn’t the shape of the desk great?  I love that it has two rollers; one is a full desk drawer with lots of dividers to […]

  • ThumbnailI recently moved into a new home with my husband. We had an early December move, and it was a great feeling moving from our cramped apartment into a three bedroom bungalow.

    In our apartment, we had a small room […]

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  • ThumbnailIf you have never quilted, this tutorial to create a small chevron tabletop quilt will be perfect for you. This project is small but will give you the skills you need to make a basic quilt with half square […]

  • This bento box is a partitioned lunch container from black+blum, the box appetit. I love this thing. It’s served me well for a few years now.

    Mushroom Chicken and Strawberry Salad

    What’s in the Box

    Baked chicken breast
    Sautéed mushrooms and onions
    Layered salad of baby spinach, strawberries and slivered almonds

  • ThumbnailWhile building up my Spoonflower shop, I’ve amassed a collection of 8″ square swatches to test my fabric designs. I also have a pretty big collection of tiny 5″ zippers that I ordered online in bulk back in the […]

  • June 6, 2014 Wedding - Black Accent Wedding DressWedding bells are ringing!  On June 6, 2014, my husband and I got married in a perfect little ceremony just south of Niagara Falls.  If you are an Ontario bride-to-be, be sure check out our amazing venue, Elope Niagara – recommend 100% if you want a stress-free wedding with gorgeous photography included!  The first two photos featured here are professional photos.

    One of my favourite elements of our wedding was the DIY flowers provided by my close friend and Craftcore guest blogger, Michelle Beausejour.  She made me custom paper roses, hand dyed in shades of blue and beige.  The stem was bound with twine for a rustic look.  The paper was purposefully selected from a French language edition of The Secret Garden.  The perfect touch was the matching paper boutineer for my husband.

    After the wedding, I went to a local thrift store and found a vase tinted the perfect shade of blue.  I will treasure the bouquet always as a memento from the wedding.  I love that it will last a long time.


    One of the most popular posts on Craftcore is Michelle’s paper rose tutorial. Be sure to check out the tutorial if you want to make a similar bouquet.  You can find her art pages on Facebook here and here if you are interested in her work.

    Paper Roses and Boutineer

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  • I’m sure this predicament is common for many couples: one person arrives home earlier than the other but isn’t sure what the other person is thinking for dinner. I come home much later than my fiance, and he has offered to start prepping dinner so we can enjoy it at a decent hour when I get home.

    The problem: what to make?

    I’ve done weekly meal plans taped to the fridge, Google documents, phone calls in the middle of the day, Pepperplate… Nothing has stuck.

    menu-suppliesThis time, I’ve decided to go bulletin board style with a recipe name thumbtacked beside a letter representing a day of the week. I didn’t even have to buy any supplies because I had everything here from other projects.

    I’m hoping this plan will be more sustainable because there is am extra list of go-to recipes always available pinned to the board for planning out the options for the week.


    picture frame, glass removed
    cork board
    scrapbook paper / cardstock
    cardstock letters
    double-sided acid-free tape
    paper cutter
    paper punch (stamp outline)
    permanent marker
    push pins

    Cut a piece of cork board to fit inside a picture frame.
    Increase the fanciness of the cork board by decorating it with cardstock.
    Use cardstock letters to represent the days of the week.
    Punch blank templates with a paper punch, one template for each common recipe you make.
    Use push pins to stick a recipe beside each day of the week.



  • Today I began my adventures in bento. This sentence is a little bit of a dramatic start for a series of blog posts about lunch, but I’ve always been attracted to bento boxes for their cute appearance and healthy portions (feel free to follow my Pinterest bento board!).

    I’ve wanted to dabble in this for years, but I finally broke down and purchased a beautiful OJYU bento box from Bento&co, along with some other cute accessories.bento supplies

    Bento #1


    bento #1


    Cauliflower Buffalo Bites – recipe from Good Dinner Mom
    Sliced Almonds
    Cheesy Quinoa Bites – recipe from So Very Blessed (I replaced the flour with rice flour and the carrots with spinach)
    Leftover Chicken Quinoa Stir Fry – own recipe (basically stir fried chicken, quinoa, carrots, and frozen stir fry veggie mix, topped with sakura-punched old cheddar cheese and spinach leaves)

  • Thank you for that tutorial, it is the best one I have found, As a complete novice I didn’t know where to start, but you have made it a lot easier.

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