How Much Fabric Do I Need To Buy for Cutting Out Rectangles?

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  1. Sherry lavalley says:

    How much material would i need to make a king size quilt yardage or how many squares if squares are 45×24

    • Angela Welsh says:

      Hi Sherry,
      My suggestion would be to draw a diagram representing your 78″ x 80″ (king size quilt) dimensions. Are the 45×24 rectangles in inches, and are those dimensions with or without seam allowance? They may not fit evenly into a king size quilt.
      Divide up the 78″ x 80″ rectangle that you drew into sub rectangles. These will represent each of your fabric squares.
      Once you draw your diagram, you’ll be able to see how many rectangles you’ll need in total, then you can use the math I describe in this post to calculate how much you need.

      You may also want to reference my post
      “How to Calculate How Much Fabric You Need for a Simple Quilt” if you don’t know what I mean by drawing a diagram. You can colour in each square/rectangle to represent each fabric you want to use.

      Hope that helps!

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