What Tools Do You Need to Start Quilting?

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  1. janil95 says:

    When you mentioned disappearing ink pen, did you mean the Frixion Pens? You forgot bobbins, and plenty of them, the same for threads of different colors and a pair of small good scissors. Add also the material of good cotton, i108″ batting an the same size for the backing so you won’t be short of material Thank you.

    • Angela Welsh says:

      Hi Janil95! For the disappearing ink pen, I’ve used Dritz brand. My local shop doesn’t carry Frixion so I can’t comment on those.

      Love your recommendations! I didn’t even think to mention the bobbins since machines come with one at the very least. One is enough to get started for a beginner since you can rewind it often. I’ve heard some people winding multiple bobbins of the same thread colour to save time. I don’t personally do that in case I don’t end up using the bobbin for that project since I switch between Featherweight bobbins, class 66 bobbins, and Husqvarna bobbins.

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