My (Growing) Sewing Machine Collection

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  1. Mark Pinkerton says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for pictures of a Singer 66 in a table like the one I bought. I bought my 66 at Salvation Army for $40.00 US. It is from 1931 and is in its original cabinet. I haven’t gotten to use the machine yet because it needs to be rewired. I have cleaned and oiled the machine and afterwards waxed it and it gleams! I don’t really sew anything but I love to collect Singers. I have my grandmother’s 15 Clone that is a Kenmore 148. It’s a very nice machine but my favorites are the 66 and a 301a. The 301 purrs like a kitten. I enjoyed your blog and I”m thinking creating my own to showcase my machines. Be blessed!

    • Angela Welsh says:

      If you create a blog, please do come by and drop by your link! I recently picked up a 301 as well and I’m having so much fun piecing quilts on it!

      I really need to update this list, as I have a few more machines to add to the collection… a 221, a 301, and 99! My house is starting to burst! 🙂

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