Multicoloured Handprints

Last week I wrote about footprint art, and today it’s all about handprints! Toddlers love the sensation of paint on their fingers, and by painting each hand a different colour, they can make distinct prints or mix them together with their hands. Using blue and red paint on white paper gives this an Americana feeling, doesn’t it? This would be a nice Fourth of July project for American readers peeking into our Canadian site.

What you need:

  • washable paint in two colours
  • paper
  • paint brush
  1. Using the paint, brush each hand a different colour.
  2. If they are unsure about art, guide their hands and press them against the paper. Otherwise, let them have at it!

That’s it. How easy, quick, and fun!

I love this simple art activity because children react to the paint in their own ways. The pieces featured in this article were created by three toddlers simultaneously, but all produced different results.

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